How do I order a cake?

Simply call me up. Cakes can be ordered by phone or email. We’ll have a nice chat about your design and event and I’ll quote you a price after 🙂 How much notice depends on how busy we are.

What flavours are the cakes?

The most popular flavour cakes tend to be vanilla, chocolate and lemon, but Kath’s Cakes can produce any cake design to your specification and choice of flavours.

Are Cakes Nut free?

Whilst nuts are not included in all of my recipes the cakes are baked in a Kitchen that contains nuts. We cannot guarantee our cakes are nut free./i>

What size are the cakes?

Cakes can be as big or as small as you desire.

How much do the cakes cost?

The cost of the cake depends on the size and details of your requirements. Please contact us for a quote.

Do you have a budget range in wedding cakes?

Yes we do they are called “Budget” because they only come in 3 sizes and 2 colours, with coloured ribbon of your choice. There is no compromise in the ingredients. Please phone for details.

Can Kaths Cakes design a cake for me?

The sky is the limit! you provide us with as much information as possible and we will produce you a fabulous design.